Operation Chakra-II: India’s Fight Against Online Scams and Frauds

Operation Chakra-II: India's Fight Against Online Scams and Frauds

In a big move against online crooks, India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) recently took down cybercrime operations. They called it “Operation Chakra-II.” This operation was a joint effort with other countries and tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon. Its goal was to stop cybercriminals involved in tech support scams and cryptocurrency fraud. They searched 76 places all over India, including states like Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Bihar, Delhi, and West Bengal.

What Happened During the Operation?

The raids in Operation Chakra-II led to the seizure of a lot of evidence. They found 32 mobile phones, 48 laptops, hard drives, and 33 SIM cards. The Indian authorities also froze many bank accounts and took emails connected to 15 accounts. This provided crucial information about the scam operations.

Tech Support Scam Exposed

During Operation Chakra-II, they uncovered two big tech support scams. These scams pretended to be customer support for two famous multinational companies. Amy Hogan-Burney, from Microsoft, said these illegal call centers acted like they were Microsoft and Amazon support. They targeted over 2,000 customers, mostly in the U.S., but also in Canada, Germany, Australia, Spain, and the UK.

Microsoft and Amazon supported this operation because the same crooks targeted their customers. The scammers used different ways to move money they got from people in the U.S., U.K., and Germany. They tricked victims with fake computer problem messages, got them to call a toll-free number, and then scammed them for money.

Cryptocurrency Fraud Uncovered

Apart from tech support scams, the CBI found a cryptocurrency fraud operation linked to a fake crypto-mining scheme. This scheme targeted Indian people and caused losses of at least Rs. 100 crore (around $12 million). Indian authorities found 150 accounts related to this fraud, including those from shell companies and individual accounts. The scammers made up a fake cryptocurrency token, promising big profits. They even created a website to fool investors into thinking they were buying mining machines.

A Worldwide Response

Law enforcement agencies worldwide are now working together to stop these scams and frauds. Microsoft and Amazon are determined to fight tech support fraud and protect customers. They’ve taken down many fake websites and phone numbers used in these scams, leading to arrests and raids on scam operations.

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In Conclusion

The success of Operation Chakra-II highlights the ongoing efforts to combat cybercrime and protect consumers from tech support scams and cryptocurrency fraud on a global scale. This operation not only exposed the depth of these criminal networks but also demonstrated the commitment of international tech companies to work alongside law enforcement agencies to ensure a safer online environment for all.


1. What is “Operation Chakra-II”?
Operation Chakra-II is a big operation in India to stop online scams and frauds, like tech support scams and cryptocurrency tricks.

2. What did they find during the operation?
They found lots of evidence, including phones, laptops, and bank accounts linked to the scams.

3. How did the tech support scams work?
The crooks pretended to be from famous companies and tricked people into paying them for fake computer problems.

4. How much money was lost in the cryptocurrency fraud?
The fraud made Indian people lose at least Rs. 100 crore, which is about $12 million.

5. What’s being done worldwide to fight these crimes?
Countries are working together to stop these scams, and companies like Microsoft and Amazon are helping by taking down fake websites and phone numbers used by scammers.